Company Profile

Eldrug S.A is a spin off Biotechnology Company established in January 2007, with expertise in Drug Discovery and Development. The company was financed mainly by VIANEX S.A and by GSRT of Ministry of Development towards the development of active peptides and mimetics for Clinical investigation.

The Research and Development group of Eldrug is targeting to new drugs in the treatment of: Multiple Sclerosis, Hypertension and Cancer. In particular, Eldrug specializes in the Synthesis of Bioactive Peptides and Mimetics for important peptides such as Angiotensin (AngII), Gonadotropin Realising Hormone (GnRH), Myelin Epitopes (MBP,PLP,MOG) and Thrombin Receptor Activating Peptides(TRAP). Eldrug specializes also in Organic Synthesis of peptide mimetics, full Characterization and Purity Determination of Products, Biological Evaluation. The facilities consist of up to date high technology instrumentation (LC-MS-MS, Alliance and Preparative HPLC for Analytical and Preparative work, Peptide Synthesizer, Organic Synthesis Reactor, Lyophilizer).

Eldrug is at the preclinical stage in preparation to submit IND files to FDA and EMEA for approval of Clinical Trials for Elmyelin (potential Vaccine Drug for treating Multiple Sclerosis) and Elsartan (potential Transdermal Antihypertensive Drug).

The  researchers  of  the  company  collaborate  with  leading  groups  and  scientists  across  the world. The company has attracted the interest of world leading scientists who have visited its facilities at the Science Park. Among them, Nobel Laureates James Watson (Nobel in Medicine and Physiology), Andrew Schally (Nobel in Medicine and Physiology), Jean-Mary Lehn (Nobel in Chemistry) and Ada Yonath (Nobel in Chemistry) who have visited Eldrug and expressed an interest for the ongoing work.